Politics and freedom

Thomas Bohn thomas.bohn at gmx.net
Wed Dec 6 10:16:07 UTC 2000

On 2000-12-05 Lord without a name wrote:

> economic-right (monetarian)
> social-right (conservative)
> economic-left (Keynesian)
> social-left (liberal)

Social-left = liberal? I can't believe it. As a socialist it's not a
pleasure for me, to set equal with liberal ideology.
> Socialism, communism and libertarianism do not exclude democracy.

For socialism and communism you're right but libertarianism I don't
know, because they want no state and no collective control for

> Generally, the FS movement *is* liberal on social issues, however.

Yes and no, the FS movement might be liberal, but the GPL license says
the software must be free and liberal policy would says it can be free.
In Germany we would says it's social-liberal, but more left than right.

> The FS movement is not inherently anti-corporate or anti-capitalist.



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