Politics and freedom (was: Information [...])

Kari Pahula kari at sammakko.yok.utu.fi
Wed Dec 6 05:01:43 UTC 2000

I think this is begins to get a bit offtopic...

On Wed, Dec 06, 2000 at 12:22:39AM +0200, Lord [INSERT NAME HERE] wrote:
> The FS movement contains many, many economic right-wingers in the form
> of libertarians and anarchists. It also, of course, contains many
> dictatorships). Anarchism does exclude democracy, but only because it
> preaches the abolition of the state.

And capitalism.

Please, there are some people in the US who insist on calling their
idea of capitalism 'anarchism', but it has little to do with it.  You
may play Orwell and try to redefine words, but anarchism has always
had the broader meaning of 'without rulers'.  Capitalism, with its
bosses, is inherently auhoritarian.

I can well imagine to what ends these people try to confuse and
obfuscate political words...  I've even seen facists call themselves
'national anarchists'.  But please, I don't want to see this to happen
on this list.  It's simply not honest.

I know being an anarchist is just so cool, but just anybody doesn't
qualify...  :-)

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