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Olivier Berger oberger at april.org
Mon Dec 4 22:26:09 UTC 2000

Alessandro Rubini a écrit :
> We must definitely and by all means have a positive attitude:
> _promote_ freedom, _demonstrate_ that you can work and live without
> proprietary tools, _cooperate_ with people and companies to help them
> change their views.
> BTW: did you ever hear RMS talk about fighting?

Yes, somehow (I hope I remember well what he told us in that

I've heard him once describe the GPL as a weapon in order to defend our
freedom, compared to a pacifist attitude in using a BSD-type license :
one uses the GPL as a legal protective weapon, not to shoot on others,
but ready to defend himself... This really means that a fight is
occurring sometimes, and we must not be passive when time comes.

Btw, this comparison came after he compared his father's decision to
learn french as a way to escape germany (I think) and be able to flee
from the nazis, instead of staying in germany in a passive attitude :
french has been a tool to protect his freedom, just as the GPL is a tool
to protect programers freedom.

Has anybody any pointer to any conference/text of RMS where he discusses
this in his own words ?

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