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Olivier Berger oberger at
Mon Dec 4 22:06:11 UTC 2000

Armin Herbert a écrit :
> > but in this case, why not use "Libre software"... as we did for the
> > Libre Software Meeting, last year in Bordeaux (with RMS approval on that
> > term, btw ;) : ?
> Wouldn't this break some laws in France? I thought you had to use the term
> "logiciel" instead of "software" ?

Yes indeed... or at least should we put a subtitle around... fyi, the
french language (or at least a french transmlation) must be used on
every commercials, official notes, marks (trade-), etc...

Hopefully, we can speak in english on the mailing-lists ;)

> Armin (currently chewing a "caoutchouc de mastication" ;-))


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