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Sinisa "Sigma14" "" Milicic smilicic at
Fri Dec 1 21:39:15 UTC 2000

Ok... the difference between FS and OS... here it is, as rms told it as he
gave a speech in Ljubljana in October. The difference is that OS approves
of the Apple's open source licence, while FS doesn't, and OS is much
closer to buissinesses as is centered on them, while FS focuses on users
and hackers. OS is, in that way beter accepted, while FS can be defined as
more radical. I think that wa should stick to the FS philsophy (full
freedom for the people (now, this reminds me of the ideas and the names of
prjects and similars I've been told were going on/held/whatever, before
nineties ( for the people, $thing for the people)(I find
nothing bad in this)) beacuse that's what stands in our (?) organisation's
name, and thats what we should stand for.
If a J. Random Luser can't understand what FS means, he should be tought
of freedoms he get's and other advantages (everyone can be attracted by
the idea of free (as in beer) things, but they will not give up windows).
I think that our goals are to exactly define the philosphy under tha flag
of wihch we shall try to fight proprietary software all around Europe (and
a bit out of it if needed). Fighting it requires both developing the
existing as much as political lobbying and teaching (indoctrinating
:))) ) and advocating in anyo ther way... But I think I've just discovered
hot water.


P.S. about my sig: I hope you all understood it, but if you didn't, it's
Latin (modernised by my little self) for "Death to the EULA, liberty to
software!", derived from the WW2 Antifascits (Partisans) in Yugoslav areas
(Cro, Serbia...) stating "Death to fascism, liberty to the people!".

"Mors EULAe, libertas softwarei!"

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