continuing OS vs FS (was: Information about the Free Software

Luca Andreucci andrew at ANDREW.ORG
Fri Dec 1 17:33:59 UTC 2000

On Fri, 1 Dec 2000, Alessandro Rubini wrote:

> The free software movement, the GNU project or the FSF do not aim at
> "better software through peer review". They (we) aim at people's
> freedom, and better software is just a side effect [1].
> On the other hand, the open source movement (no capitals for lazy
> typing) aims at better software for everyone through peer review;
> people's freedom is a side effect.
> It's that easy. Not a big practical difference, only a big theoretical
> difference.

Simple as that!!! Very interesting.

I never thought it that way. I can't find any valid objections to those
statements apart from the fact that they sound too good to be true :-)

Objections, anyone?

But I've got my RMS poster photo right here :-), and I sometimes think we
should stop talking about this and just start translating Stallman's


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