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John Tapsell tapselj0 at
Fri Dec 1 11:30:57 UTC 2000

Peter Gerwinski wrote:
> It is important that everyone is heared and can contribute, but we
> must be very careful with this.  There are far more promoters of
> "Open Source" around (or of proprietary software, for that matter)
> than people who have really understood Free Software.  When it comes
> to elections - who do you think will get more popularity?

The trouble is, if we push FSF as being different from Open Source, do we run
the risk of confusing people?  I see your point about elections, but at this
point in time, does it make that much difference between OS and FSF?  Don't get
me wrong, /I/ feel I understand both, and the views of both, but do Joe Public
need to see the dividing line between OS and FSF?

Btw, I'm new to this list.  Hello everyone :) 
P.s. I very often state views I don't actually agree with, but state them to
make people think about it - plus I feel both sides of a view should be always
be shown.

 --  John "Stiring trouble as usual" Flux

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