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Marcelo López marcelcambro at yahoo.es
Sun May 5 10:55:41 UTC 2019

Day after day governments get a greater andstealthy social control. They have a massively informationaccess and, at the same time, States and companies controlthe knowledge that belongs to us. They lead the flow of theInternet.

It is necessary and urgent to generate a globalawareness about this problem. Our Freedom, Human Rights andDemocracies are in danger.

I am a writer. This is what I do. I have writtenseveral books in Spanish. The last one is entitled "The Virtual Age" 

(“La Edad Virtual”: https://www.edicionesencuentro.com/libro/la-edad-virtual/)

I want to use my books to improve globalconsciousness.

I would like to ask for funds for anin-depth research into Social Control, Freedom and Democracy,which I need to travel around the world, interviewing a large number of peopleand concentrating for months:


Please share this email with people you considerinterested.


The book will also be a tribute to the figure of AaronSwartz. The first chapter will be an investigation into the last months ofhis life. I want to understand the reasons for the pressure that was applied toAaron Swartz from the Department of Justice.

The book has as a provisional title: “Socialcontrol. Freedom in danger”

I present the Index:

   1.- Aaron Swartz

   2.- The control over thesubmarine fiber optic cables

   3.- Big Data and Smart Cities

   4.- The Cyber-War

   5.- Ideological control

   6.-To build a new democracy

   All those who contribute $ 35 ormore will receive the book at home for free once it is published.

   I will inform in detail about theresearch process to all donors.



   Marcelo L. Cambronero (International Academyof Philosophy)


   marcelcambro at yahoo.es

Dr. D. Marcelo López CambroneroInternational Academy of Philosophy
marcelcambro at yahoo.es Skype: marcelo.l.cambronero
Cell: +34 667 09 18 15      
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