[Cantabrico] Actividades?

rainer rk at office.fsfeurope.org
Mon Mar 7 14:16:56 CET 2016


Disculpen, por favor, mi castilliano es uns catastrofa... :-/

I hope you feel comfortable with english as well.

On 06.03.2016 01:40, Armando wrote:
> Parece que no me llegan noticias hace tiempo de esta lista.

You are right, this list is astonishingly silent. I'd like to
take the opportunity to ask whether there are _any_ fellowship
activities in "The North" at all?

The only thing I know of is building up a "pueblo libre" in the
hallway of Euskal Encounter at Bilbao every August.

In 2015 we where three organisations/projects sharing the FSFE
Pavillon. It was really interesting und successful. I'd like to
go on that way and would like to encourage other projects to
take part.

There is no subscription or payment for EE needed, as long there
is no intention to enter the LAN party. The exhibition part is
upstairs, in the huge hallway between the fair buildings.


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