[Cantabrico] Legal Coordinator Matija Suklje visiting Euskal Herria

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Mon Jul 20 16:38:35 CEST 2015


From Tu 26.07. to Th 28.07. Matija Suklje, FSFE's legal coordinator,
is visiting Euskal Herria.

Up to now we do not have many appointments. If you do know any
entity which might wants a meeting with Matija, please shout! Matija is
open for any kind of activity which might help whomever.

Besides, we haven't had a fellowship meeting for a too long time. :-)
My suggestion:

1. A informal meeting at the FSFE booth at Euskal Encounter on Saturday

2. A Fellowship Meeting at Donostia at 26.07. at 20:00.



PS: A text explaining some details about our legal network:


The Legal Network is a neutral, non-partisan, private network of legal
professionals facilitated by FSFE. Delegates share knowledge and
cooperate to increase the availability of best practice information
about Free Software licensing. The network has over 300 participants
across 28 countries and 4 continents, and it is the largest legal
support structure for Free Software in the world.

The network occasionally produces public documentation to help people
explore and understand legal matters. These are discussion documents
and the contents do not constitute legal advice or necessarily reflect
the opinions of any contributor, or FSFE's own positions. You can find
out more about these documents on the independent network wiki.

FSFE has extensive legal contacts in Europe, and can help locate legal
experts in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy,
Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Spain,
Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the UK. FSFE can also provide
introductions to experts in Australia, Canada, China, Israel, Japan,
Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and the USA. Some network delegates are
explicitly recommended by FSFE.

Persons wishing to join the European Legal Network may either ask an
existing network member to recommend them, or may contact FSFE's
internal legal team directly.

Successful applicants will have profound expertise in legal matters
pertaining to Free Software, and will join the network in order to
share their knowledge with their peers from around the world.
Discussions on the network are always conducted in a professional and
respectful tone, and are held under the Chatham House rule¹. Members
agree to adhere to these rules when joining the network.


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