[Cantabrico] FOSDEM - Native spanish speakers at FSFE booth?

rainer rk at office.fsfeurope.org
Mon Jan 30 16:32:46 CET 2012

Hi friends!

As I saw more and more spanish speaking people visiting our booth the
last years, I would like to ensure that we have native spanish speakers
at the booth all the time, if possible.

The is no need to stay there the entire two days, but if you would
like to attend for just some hours, you are wholeheartely welcome!
(And I would really appreciate to be able to send Euskal visitors
to an Euskaldunak! ;-)

Besides, it is a brilliant opportunity to get in contact to more
FSFE activists from all over Europe.

Your "boss" will be Martin "Gollo" Gollowitzer from Austria (see Cc). 
This year he will coordinate the booth.

Would you please tell Gollo whether you are coming?

Just give your full name, your title[1], and the languages you are
speaking, so that I can provide the name batches. Yes, feel free
to add Euskadi as well!

Best regards
Rainer Kersten

[1] "$country Team", "Fellow", "Coordinator $foo", whatever

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